Passion for Leadership

In this article Randy Haas talks about his passion for leadership training and coaching including building influence, creating relationships and caring for others. 
Make going to work fun again!

Stonecutters Leadership provides coaching and training for leaders seeking healthier teams, improved performance and increased revenue.


We see it all the time.

Hurt feelings at work----->turning into bitterness----->turning into stagnant performance and high employee turnover.*

Managers avoiding having difficult, but necessary, conversations.

Business owners not knowing how to lead their team through a crisis. 

Everyone deserves to come to work feeling understood and motivated to perform at their absolute best. But they're not going to do that in the midst of resentment and drama.

*A survey by Go2HR found that 40% of employees leave their jobs within the first year due to poor training.


Stonecutters is a team of professionals certified in the John Maxwell style of training and coaching. 

We help individuals and teams:
  • Improve performance at work
  • ​Foster better relationships
  • ​Navigate difficult conversations
  • ​Speak with conviction and authority
  • ​Reach personal and professional goals
  • ​Streamline processes
  • ​Increase revenue*
*According to findings by HuffPost, companies that invest in employee training enjoy 24% higher profits.


Hi, I’m Randy Haas. I’m the Founder of Stonecutters and an Executive Director of The John Maxwell Team. 

With a background of over 20 years in IT, I know what it’s like to work in a high-stress environment. And I’ve seen first-hand what unhappy employees can do to a team and a business. 

Trained and certified by John Maxwell, I help individuals and teams be more productive, perform at a higher capacity, and make more money. Whether you’re looking for a facilitator for group workshops, corporate training for leaders, or a speaker for your next event, I can help. 

My team at Stonecutters has experience across multiple industries, including IT, finance, energy, and healthcare. 

Are you ready to maximize your team’s potential? 


“I was so impressed with the Lunch and Learn presented by Jason Leger with Sharpstone Precision Business Solutions yesterday. If you are having any communication issues in your business, which I have found most do, give him a call and set up a training and coaching session now. I am looking forward to attending more sessions to learn more and how to implement changes in my business.”
-Theresa Bennet-Gainz, Owner and Founder of Mainstreet Media

“The Sharpstone Lunch and Learn led by Jason Leger really forced me to not only recognize communication issues at work but also how they can best be addressed. It focused on everyone's individuality and how to complement those rather than create more problems, which was insightful. I'm really looking forward to growing my leadership skills with the Sharpstone Group.”
-Kasey Cabello, Communications and Publications Manager Oklahoma City Community Foundation

“I found the training and discussion sessions invaluable. The skills and tools I learned in the Leading Through Crisis sessions helped me to look at issues my organization was facing in a different way and forge creative solutions. This new perspective was instrumental in helping our organization to move forward. I would definitely love to be involved with more sessions led by Melissa and the rest of the Stonecutters team.”
-Laurance Roth,
Moderator, Little River UCC

Live2Lead Edmond was a great event! We were able to bring some of our team with us. The speakers were great, but the best part was our team being able to discuss things after.
-James Counts, Counts and Associates

This was amazing Conference with Awesome God Driven Leaders.
-Cole Matthews


  • PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Improve your leadership, speaking, coaching and selling skills with the Maxwell Method.
  • BECOME A BETTER SPEAKER: Move your audience through the Maxwell Method of speaking, used to train tens of thousands of speakers all over the world.
  • HIRE US TO SPEAK: As a certified speaker with the John Maxwell Team, I speak on a variety of topics.
  • LIFE & BUSINESS COACHING: I’ll be your guide and cheerleader as you achieve your personal and professional goals. 
  • ​LEADERSHIP ASSESSMENTS: The first step in becoming a better leader is to know where you stand. Request an assessment for you or your team.


  • Intake Meeting
  • ​Custom Plan
  • ​Healthier Team
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